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State of the Burning: Last of 2018


Spoilers, it’s our last regular episode for the next long while. We may randomly upload something, but we are no longer planning a scheduled release.

So, if you really like our voices, go check out our other podcast where we look for the messages in every giant monster movie.


Author: Burn Everything Gaming

Website that mostly produces Actual Play Podcast as well as game reviews and other musings on the topic. Hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “State of the Burning: Last of 2018

  1. You guys should bring it back or at lest let someone take it over that can do it with you two as regular members. This was the best fate podcast out.

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    • Much appreciated, but seeing as it took me more than a year to check this you can guess that we don’t really do much with this website or podcast. One would think during the Pandemic would have been the best time to pick this up again, but life did other things. I am still paying for this website and the podcast host, so I should probably do something with it if I am just going to throw that money down the drain. I am currently trying to get together a Dresden Files RPG game after I finish my current Star Trek Adventures campaign. Maybe that will go up here.


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