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Avatar Fate: The Last Airbender rpg

In this campaign we follow the members of the Crimson Waterlily Guild. They are a subsidiary of the White Lotus organization in the after time of the TV show. If you would like to listen to Session 0 to see how the players and GM came up with the characters and world, you can listen to that here (But you can easily skip to Episode 1 Paper Bending and miss nothing):

Session 0 (Possible spoilers):

If you want to jump right in we can start with our Characters.


Oran: An ex-craftsman who is going through a mid-life crisis.

Satish: A questing caravaner who is honest to a fault.

Yoshiru: The reluctant hero who can be a real SOB.

Vilton: Collector of things who has friends in low places.


Paper Bending: We are introduced to some of our guild members and embark on their first adventure together.


Pretenders: With all this paper bending going around, not everyone is who they say they are.