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Star Trek Fate: ep.42: Frozen pt.1

While investigating a nebula, the ship and crew are suddenly frozen.

Taylor = Q
Joshua = Lt. Canton
Tracy = Captain Vegral
USS Telonato

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Music and Sounds from:  MUSOPEN and Ambient-Mixer.com

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Crafting Consequences

All of my favorite electronic games have one feature in common: choices have lasting consequences. Whether we are talking about Chrono Trigger, Fallen London, Sentinels of the Multiverse, or the new Life Is Strange, I love to be given choices to make and see what affect those choices have on the game world.

Obviously my love of consequences comes into play in the roleplaying games I run, and even as a player I try hard to act like my choices have a huge impact (even if it is just on my own character). This gets me into trouble when I really want to save the goddess of oasis but a low Empathy check leads me to believe that she is deceiving us, but usually it leads to a very fun and fulfilling experience.

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