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Avatar: BBtW: Ep.23 Kill the Avatar pt.3

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Avatar Fate RPG. To kill an Avatar

Joshua: GM
Gang: Don
Tikivick: Tracy
Vilos: Taylor

Contact us:

Music and Backgrounds from: Ambient-Mixer.com and Bensound.com 
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Author: Burn Everything Gaming

Website that mostly produces Actual Play Podcast as well as game reviews and other musings on the topic. Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “Avatar: BBtW: Ep.23 Kill the Avatar pt.3

  1. I”v been enjoying your Avatar Fate games, even the one that you canceled.

    With first season of Avatar done and your crew considering other settings, I’d suggest Fate Accelerated’s “The Aether Sea” setting.

    It’s my genre of choice, and there’s only one other crew of Actual Players that I know of that have run it.


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