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Avatar: Bridge Between two Worlds

In this campaign we follow the story of our characters who are exiled from their small village after it is attacked by a bender. If you would like to listen to Session 0 to see how the players and GM came up with the characters and world, you can listen to that here (But you can easily skip to Episode 1 and miss nothing):

Session 0 (Possible spoilers): This is simply building the world and the characters
Episode 0.1
Episode 0.2
Episode 0.3
Episode 0.4

If you want to jump right in we can start with our Characters.


Gang: A 17 year old hard headed firebender.

Tikivick: A 9 year old annoying water bending tag along.

Vilos: A 12 year old orphaned animal loving farmer who has something to prove to benders.

Season 1

Festive Folly: The group find their night at the festival rudely interrupted.

First Steps: Our group find some interesting things on their first steps outside of their home village.

Playtime: The gang play around with some local kids while trying to look for one of their own.

Things Get Fishy: We find a fish. We also sing a song. It was probably best if we did neither.

Bad Bender: Our group tries to have an argument, only to be rudely interrupted.

Time Out: We finally make it to Timberlake. And boy are our tummies empty.

Inner Demons: Some information is found and some deals are made.

Minor Setbacks: Just the minor setback of one of our group dying.

Some Grown up Help: We argue with an old man.

Kill The Avatar: We try and kill the Avatar.


Season 2

Another Festival: Can things be the same once you go back home?

Spirited Science: Does Science go too far?

Tea Party of Doom: We are invited to a tea party.