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Dresden Files RPG

The Dresden Files is a urban fantasy/mystery Book Series that centers around a Wizard Private Detective named Harry Dresden. Not giving you his full name because full names have power.

We used the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game that is basically Fate before Fate Core. We have an intro to the system:

If you want to know how the system works, we also have an Episode 0 where we build the characters and the city.

You don’t have to listen to that episode and it may contain some spoilers, so be careful (also the audio quality isn’t great since it was one of our earliest recordings, so be patient).

Telonato: Dresden Files rpg Actual Play

The story begins with 5 college students heading off to college in the small town of Telonato, which of course holds more secrets than anyone has any idea about.  Along the way backs will be stabbed and hearts will be broken.

Alexandra Sage: Know-it-all Psychic who has seen a world gone mad
Daniel Cooper: The Anti-Magic Wizard who has no idea what he is.
Danielle Copper: Sorta Savant Secretary who is too lovelorn to care
Jessie Edward Jenkins “JJ”: Changeling Music Arts College Student wondering O’ Father Where Art Thou?
Markus Keene: Pure mortal career soldier who slept with the Colonial’s wife.

Episode 1: Tea-Loan-ah-too

Episode 2: A Walk in the Park

Episode 3: One More Disappearance

Episode 4: Political Tips and Tricks

Episode 5: Caught in a Pickle

Episode 6: Bad Things Star to HA-ppen

Episode 7: Flown the Coop

Episode 8: Follow the Fox

Episode 9: There are No Mistakes

Episode 10: Punch all the Brads

Episode 11: Building an Army

Episode 12: Real Heroes

Episode 13: Hunting a Hunter

Episode 14: Beginning of the End

Episode 15: Punching all the Brads

Episode 16: Stepping Up

Episode 17: The Storm Before the Storm

Episode 18: An Agreeable Deal

Episode 19: A Moment of Silence

Episode 20: Who Burns Everything

Episode 21: Telonato

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