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Beta Testing: Sentinels of the Multiverse Digital Multiplayer

I have been waiting for this day. I am a huge fan of the card game Sentinels of the Multiverse and have really been enjoying the digital version put out by the people over at Handelabra Games.  I have been enjoying it so much that I am not really comfortable advertising how many hours I have put into the game.

time played


For those not in the know, it is basically a game where you and your friends play a super hero and fight a bad person in a particular type of environment. What I like best about the game is the co-operative element and the fact that no one has to play the bad person.

Anyway, I recently found out I was part of the Beta Testing of the Multiplayer for this game. Excitement doesn’t feel like it completely encapsulates the feeling in my heart, but it is the best I can do right now. I plan to lead you through my first thoughts on trying out the Multiplayer Beta and hopefully convert some non-players into players when this is over. Before we get to that, lets lay down some groundwork.

Part 1: Backstory

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