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For Story’s Sake

I recently played a game of Dead of Winter, which I often play with an RPG mindset. After making sure it was impossible for me to be exiled for a couple of rounds, I pulled my people out of the base, let several innocent bystanders die, and then started a vote to exile another player. Hopefully that all makes sense to you, whether you’ve played the game before or not.

It did not make sense to my fellow players. Sure we all won in the end (unnecessary Redemption for the Exiled player), but everyone seemed confused and a little frustrated by my actions. I tried to explain myself during and after from a logical, strategic, and even mechanical point of view. But it didn’t seem to be going through, and I felt like it was my fault that no one had enjoyed the hard-earned victory we all contributed to.


*Editor’s note* The Editor totally wasn’t the player who was voted out for no good reason.

When I finally said “I thought it would all make for a better story,” the player I had caused exile to said, “Dude, you just should have said so.” Like that was all I needed to say.

Everyone Cares About the Story

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