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Adventure April: The Waning of the New Moon

Adventures In April continues with a fun wuxia adventure. This adventure works fine with Fate Core, but we highly recommend trying it in its full Tian Xia glory as you will have a lot more fun with the kung fu extras that they have designed for their setting.

The Waning of the New Moon is a one-shot adventure that can easily start a full RPG campaign. The party study together at the same monastery, though they probably have very different teachers, and must defend it against an attack while their masters are gone. A fellow student is captured, so the party has to go and rescue him.

This adventure is divided into 4 scenes: Sakura Falls, Wicked Soldiers, Finding Finfin, and Looming Darkness. Each scene is detailed below with an overview and broken down into possible skill challenges for the scene. An extra paragraph for Tian Xia is also included.

Scene 1: Sakura Falls

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Gaming out of a Dark Room

So last year I got addicted to the online game A Dark Room (couldn’t afford the app), and it got me thinking what a great Tian Xia RPG that sort of setting would make. I ended up planning out a couple of sessions, and while the campaign never got off the ground I thought I would share what I had to see if anyone could improve on the idea.

If you are not familiar with A Dark Room, Google it and become addicted!

Translating Mechanics

So I started out wanting to take the different levels of the game opening up and relating them to the intro of this Tian Xia game. Here is what I came up with:

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