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Star Trek Fate: Character Stunts

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As with all games of FATE, characters can choose to spend some of their Refresh on Stunts. These allow the characters to either be proficient at some skill that others are not (Doctor), or give them bonuses to doing particular things. Here are just a few examples of stunts for every skill in Star Trek FATE.

Examples of Stunts for each skill


-1    Fleet of Foot: When sprinting gain a +2

-1    Acrobat: Gain +1 on Athletics when using it to survive a fall. Also, gain +1 to attempts to dodge ranged attacks (throwing and phasers), so long as you describe it colorfully.


-1    On My Toes: Gain +2 to Alertness when using it to determine initiative in a physical conflict.

-1    Corner of My Eye: When successfully rolling Notice passively to pick up on details, gain an additional 2 shifts. This includes both using your physical eyes and instruments. This reflects the ability to pick up on more pieces of information.


-1    I know just the Guy: When you’re looking to gather some information from your network of contacts, you have unerring instincts for finding the right person, fast. When using the Gathering Information trapping, your efforts are at a +1 and are 1 time increment faster.

-1    Ear to the Deck: You have your fingers on the pulse of things, with plenty of friends who can give you a heads up. The difficulty of any Getting the Tip-Off roll is reduced by two.


-1    Need for Speed: As long as your Craftsmanship skill is higher than your ships starting SaMS score, you may add +1 to its base Speed and Acceleration. If another stunt gives a plus +1 to your ships SaMS score these do not add together.

-1    Miracle Worker: Your craftsmanship skill for fixing consequences on a spaceship count as 2 higher than your passive score.

-1    Just enough juice for 1 more shot: Once per scene you can attempt to temporarily treat a system in a consequence as if it were working normally. State which consequence you are attempting to temporarily remove, Pay 1 Fate point and make a Craftsmanship Check. If that check is equal to or greater than the consequence you are currently trying to temporarily fix, you may use any system that is currently in that consequence as if it is working normally for 1 action.  After that action the system or systems in that consequence are again treated as if they are in their current consequence state.


-1    Klingon Specialist: You get a +2 on Customs checks about Klingon Customs.

-1    Linguist: Instead of 1 language per point of Customs you know 2 languages per point of Customs.


-1    Honest Lies: Whenever incorporating a real, valuable piece of the truth (however marginally valuable it may be) into a lie, you gain a +2 on your efforts to pass off the untrue parts.

-1    Takes One to Know One: You may use Deceit instead of Empathy to catch someone in a lie.


-1    Calm Blue Ocean: You are skilled at keeping your emotions in check. Gain +2 to Discipline when rolling to keep emotions under control.

-1    Unshakeable: When defending against social or mental attacks with Discipline, any of your aspects (such as consequences or other temporary or permanent aspects) that get tagged provide only a +1. If the attacker chooses to tag for a reroll, you may “lock down” one of his dice, leaving him only the other three to re-roll.


-1    Read the Surface: You can get a sense of someone quickly when trying to “read” them. Your first attempt to read someone takes less than a minute of interaction, instead

of the usual ten. Any subsequent efforts with the same person do not enjoy this benefit.

-1    Won’t Get Fooled Again: It only takes once for someone to lie to you before you start to wise up to it. Once you’ve discovered a particular person’s lie for what it is, you gain a +2 on any future Empathy rolls when dealing with that liar. (This requires a small amount of book-keeping, but the benefits are worth it!)


-1    No Pain, No Gain: You can take a bunch of punishment before it starts to add up. You may take two additional mild physical consequences.

-1    Bar Fighter: +1 physical armor vs blunt (sticks, stones, staves).


-1    Killer Blow: Add 3 to the damage of a Fight attack on a successful hit, once per scene, for a fate point. This stacks with any other damage increasing stunts for Fight.

-1    Sword Specialist: When using any sword, you add +1 to your Fight rolls.


-1    Infuriate: Scaring people isn’t your forte; seriously pissing them off, on the other hand, is right up your alley. Gain +2 to any roll when deliberately trying to get someone angry with you (a social or mental attack or a maneuver with such a goal). Any consequences (such as grudges) or temporary aspects that result must name you as the source and target of the anger.

-1    Rule with Fear: Taking this stunt establishes that your reputation is based on how scared people are of you, far more than anything else. Use Provoke instead of Presence whenever rolling to represent your reputation.


-1    Cloak Detection Specialist: +2 on Investigation rolls when specifically trying to find a cloaked vessel.

-1    Quick Eye: When examining a location for clues, your eye is quick to pick out the visual details. Your first Investigation roll to determine deeper details about a scene is two time increments faster than usual.

-1    Scan Specialist: Increase your ships CODIE score by +1 for the purposes of Scanning.


-1    Doctor: Can use Scholarship to perform medical diagnosis procedures on humanoids.

-1    Experience Warp plotting: +2 on Scholarship checks when performing a warp plot check.


-1    Poet: You have an affinity for beauty in written and spoken language. Your Performance is at +2 when composing something with words and is considered to be two higher when used to modify (page 214) a social skill.

-1    Pointed Performance: When performing for an audience, normally you can only create aspects on the scene that are broad, focused on general moods (Creepy as Hell, Let’s Party!,Uninhibited). With this stunt, you may make performances that target something more specific, perhaps directing that mood at a particular person or group. For instance, a satirist with this stunt could attempt to use his performance either to elicit a response from one person in the audience (The Jig Is Up) or to cause the audience to direct their mood toward that person (Check Out the Emperor’s New Clothes).


-1    I can make her dance: Increase your ships base SaMS by +1 for the purposes of Maneuvers and Evasive Maneuvers.

-1    Travel Planner: +2 on Piloting when performing travel checks.


-1    Leadership: When you talk, people listen. When using Presence to command a group

, gain +1 on the effort. Further, your efforts to coordinate a group are efficient,

moving one time increment faster than normal.

-1    Teflon Persona: It’s difficult to make you look bad in social conflicts. Provided that the people present are aware of who you are, you gain Armor:1 against any social attacks.


-1    Klingon Tactician: +2 when trying to understand and predict Klingon military movements.

-1    Memorized the Book: +2 when trying to recall what is the proper starfleet procedure in a situation.


-1    Best Foot Forward: People just like you, especially when you’re deliberately trying to make a good first impression. You gain a +1 on your roll to make a good first impression, and failing that roll cannot give you a negative temporary aspect or make the situation worse.

-1    Soothing words: You think conflicts are best solved with words instead of weapons. You may use rapport as a social attack on someone during a physical confrontation in an attempt to talk them down.


-1    Cloaking device specialist: +2 on cloaking checks.

-1    Tracker: +2 on survival checks when trying to track an individual.


-1    Combat Phaser Trained: +2 on weapons checks when using Federation handheld phasers. This is both for Kill and Stun setting.

-1    Federation Gun nut: +1 on weapon damage whenever using any Federation handheld weapon. This goes for hand held phasers, blaster rifles, etc.

-1    Acquire Target: Place a negative boost of “Target acquired” on a target. This boost can be used as normal (to give you a plus 2 or a reroll), or if the target takes a consequence from your weapon attack you can use this boost to choose what consequence they take and what that consequence is.  If the target is unaware you are aiming they do not get a defense.


-1    Tower of Will: Whenever being stunned by a weapon you may use your willpower instead of athletics to “dodge” the attack.

-1    Stubborn: In a social conflict you may use your willpower as a social defense to not be convinced of something. You automatically gain the negative boost “Stubborn”.


-1    Experienced: +1 to your experience. You can take this multiple times, but only 1 for every 3 refresh you have.

-1    Command Authority: (Requires 5 Experience)Pay a fate point. During combat – and without their input – you may direct the actions of allies with less experience than yourself. This directed action must be described simply and within their abilities (attack that foe, grapple the large one, trip the fast enemy, etc). Your allies need not follow this action, but if they do they are given the temporary boost of “Guided by (Character name)”. This boost may be tagged for free once during the combat, then the boost is gone.

Specialized Stunts

Starfleet Academy Degree

Academy degrees work by giving you a +1 on a Knowledge Check involving a particular field and then giving you an additional +1 on a specific category inside that field.

Marine Biology: (Scholarship)+1 on any check involving marine biology. An additional +1 when dealing with any marine biology involving Earth creatures.

Social History: (Customs) +1 on any History involving a species. An additional +1 when dealing with the history of Klingon’s.

Warp Theory: (Scholarship)+1 on any check involving Warp Theory. An additional +1 when dealing with Warp Theory involving Federation Technology.


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