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Skull Takers Adventure pt. 5

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Day 7

Tried to be useful today. It did not go so well. I did not get hurt or anything. In fact, I found a pretty good romance book tucked away in the warehouse. It doesn’t really feed me much, but some of the scenes are really ~~~ heartwarming. Not the sort of thing I would have read before, you understand, but out here alone with nothing but a disfigured corpse…well I guess I am not as picky as I used to be.

Night 7

An uneventful night. No lights, no chanting, and no sightings of any skull takers. I have not slept much, but I do feel resolved. I am going to clean up whoever died over there tomorrow, and then I’m going to go outside and look for someone so I don’t have to be alone. At the very least, someone to take turns keeping watch.

Day 8

Um…yeah. So she’s still over there, and I didn’t even try to leave the warehouse. Sorry. I did get a Bible though, so minor spiritual victory. Right? I mean, again, not nearly as picky as I used to be. And I gotta admit it is the longest book I’ve ever tried to read. The romance novel takes me only a couple of hours now, but that may be because I skip around a bit.

It will be sundown soon. I am starting to regret my regrets. I really don’t want to be here alone with my books and the corpse of a girl that wanted me to know who she was. Or maybe it was the one that didn’t’ want me to know.

Night 8

I think I am going crazy. Am I going crazy? What would you know? You’re just a bunch of dead people that wrote in a journal. And none of you wrote anything about anything like this, did you? Well I am going to write this down so I know. And then when I finally meet Angelina Jolie or Jessica Rabbit or whatever hot actress that’s all alone in this crazy apocalypse and we have an amazing night together I will let her read this entry and she will assure me that I am not crazy.

I tried to move the body tonight. I thought that maybe if I couldn’t see it then it wouldn’t gross me out so much. But it attacked me. At least, I think it did. It slapped me in the face and tried to poke my eyes out. Or maybe I was just swinging it too hard. It creeped me out enough to throw it out, though.

I really hope this is not some sort of zombie apocalypse movie though. If the dead victims are all coming back as skull takers, then I need to get out of here and find someone soon!

Day 9

The little golf cart thingy is almost fully charged. I think tomorrow I will try to leave this place. Assuming I survive long enough to leave, that is. My face stings where I got scratched last night. The corpse hasn’t moved, so I think it is safe to assume that I was just imagining things last night. Tonight, I am staying put and not doing anything but cowering and sleeping.

Night 9

Another uneventful night. Thank you God. I’m going to do lots more Bible reading tomorrow, so please let me live. At least long enough to get to the New Testament so I can learn how to be saved?

Day 10

I found Candice! She was passed out in one of the medicine isles. She has a fever and hasn’t woken up yet, but she’s alive! I’ll take anyone I can get, even if she did creep me out a little back when I first met her.

I brought her back to the warehouse. Don’t worry. I grabbed some food and bottled water too. Thank God I was smart enough to take the golf card. I really should have found a new place to live, but I did not want to risk losing Candice to whatever has her.

She was wearing one of those cloaks the skull takers always wear. I think that must be why they never found her. Then again, I haven’t seen any of them since the one night so maybe they are gone now.

I think God is rewarding me for reading his book. Maybe If I get far enough I will go out and find a Victoria Secrets model that I need to nurse back to health!

Night 10

Oh God, I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry! I was going to read more of your book. Really I was, but I was worried about Candice too. And not just in the physical man-woman way either. I really did want to help her. Please let her be ok!

That skull taker almost got me. It hurts so much. If that moon stone hadn’t flashed when it was reaching for my face…is that one of your holy rocks, God? Should I be more respectful of it? I swear, as soon as it is light out I will read your book more. So please don’t let this thing in my chest kill me!

Day 11

Candice did not die, and I made it all the way to the book of Ruth today. I’m not sure exactly what it is about, but I am not about to lose God’s good graces after what Candice promised me when she is feeling better. Honestly, I don’t care if I’m feeling better or not.

Even though I have something to live for, I feel like I’m at death’s door after last night. I tried to get up and move around today, and I think Candice did too, but neither of us are feeling up to it. I did not tell her about the skull taker that ran away last night. I didn’t want to frighten her.

Day 1

My name is Candice Morcraven. It feels odd for me to continue this journal, considering that I have literally killed all 3 of the previous authors.

(Cache (size 6): the Moon, the Star, the Chariot, Lovers, Temperance)


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