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Star Trek Fate

For our Star Trek Fate rpg Podcast, we started with Fate Core rules and added or modified to fit the Star Trek world. You can find links to the rules and such below:

We have broken the campaign into 4 eras while we follow:

Vegral: The giant among Tellarites whose father was a Tellarite Captain
Wallen Oanl: The Professional Trill that always thinks there is a way out
Kelvek: The reserved half Vulcan half human whose father was a Captain and his mother was a Showgirl
Jayne Canton: The Sleepy Human that just wants to see the Universe.

The Academy

  • Where we will learn about how the Fate system works and what additions Star Trek Fate bring to the game.

Going through the Ranks

  • We will play through the years up until one of the characters is the Captain of a ship.
  • The players will start to get a feel of the characters and find out what they are made of.

TV years

  • These adventures will take place over a few years and follow the crew on their ship.
  • These adventures will take the characters we have made and see how they react and interact with things in their universe.

The Movies

  • These will take place years after a majority of the adventures as the characters age.
  • There will hopefully be big events that change characters or the universe they live in.

The Academy


 Going through the ranks


The Yuli Matter: The officers go on a secret mission for an old teacher from the Academy

Titanic Talks: During diplomat peace talks disaster happens

The Onyx Vessel: The crew investigate a mysterious vessel.

Treacherous Teachings: Someone from their past has been charged with treason.

Pirate Pirating Pirate: A powerful Klingon Vessel has been stolen. It is up to the officers to steal it back.

The TV years


Season 1

The USS Telonato : We are introduced to the new ship, and crew, of the USS Telonato.

Flight of the Telonato: The officers have their first emergency rescue mission with their new ship, the USS Telonato.

The Trek: A reclusive people invite the Captain and her crew for a diplomatic dinner that, of course, doesn’t go as planned.

Descension: The possibility of important resources lure them through a strange atmosphere.

Season 2

Who Are You: The crew answer a distress call, only to find those in distress do not want their help.

A Normal Day: We join our officers on a completely normal day while they investigate an interesting star formation.

Frozen: While investigating a nebula, the ship, and most of the people inside, are frozen.

Reunion: Jar’Vet requests being reunited with his people.

Season 3

Beginning of the End: The officers find themselves to be guests/prisoners of the Coalation.

Down on the Range: Hopefully their time on a farm planet bears good fruit.

The Clash: Should they stay or should they go?

Tropes and Tropes and Tropes and Tropes: The crew makes a quick stop before heading back to Earth.


The Movies

(Coming Soon?)

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  3. Are you using a specific setting book? I am looking for some Star Trek Fate rules but everything I have found is incomplete.

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  4. You aren’t the first to ask, so it makes sense that I include links to them on this page, so I have added them to the top of the page.


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