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Fate Stunt making: Stunt Trees

The holidays are all about giving, right? So today we are giving you some more sample stunts for 3 unique campaign settings. Previously, we had gone over how to make stunts. This time all the stunts are part of the same stunt tree, meaning they require base stunts before you can take them.

Hopefully this will inspire you to come up with your own stunt trees, or maybe fill in some blanks in ours.

Men or Mice Stunts

In the mood for something child-like and adorable? There are some very fun games out already about playing mice, bunnies, or rats that dress and act like people. It can be a lot of fun to play animals that act a bit like human, especially when they are cute!

Seamstress – You may use Crafts to make clothing and practical items that are generally ‘worn’ by a fellow animal. This includes cloaks, packs, armor, blankets, camouflage, parachutes, and other such things. It is always assumed that you have the tools necessary to work your craft, unless a negative aspect states otherwise.

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