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Inflicting Stress with Every Skill

Today’s article is 100% for Fate Core players, and it is all about the skills. Specifically it is about inflicting stress with all 18 skills, which only 3 are specifically designed for at Attack skills. Most of these I have witnessed first-hand, and the rest are just ideas I want to try some day.

Now a quick warning to GMs. Rewarding player creativity is always a good idea, but you sometimes run the risk of breaking the game when you let players do whatever they want. If you let players use these ideas (or their own similar ideas), be sure to ask for a Fate point to allow them to use it once (or make a stunt of it for repetitive use). Otherwise you will unbalance the game and cheat other players that paid a fair price for their skill modifications. If they have no fate points or refresh or free invokes, but it is still a great idea, be sure you let them know it is a one-time only thing and that they will have to pay later if they try to use it again.

All squared away? Then here we go!

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