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Skull Takers Adventure pt. 4

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(Death Card Drawn, and Candice died searching. Cache (size 6): the Hermit, the Empress, the Star)

Day 1

I feel really weird writing in this ~~~ Wait, sorry. I should start with my name: Justin Whittman. I’m sort of a flop actor, but I’ve been telling people that I am a doctor. Sorry Anne. I just wanted an excuse to touch you. I wish I’d gotten to do more before you~~~

Man, I am no good at this sort of thing. I thought that because I can actually spell and use grammar that I’d be so much better at all this journal stuff, but anyone reading this is going to think I am a bad person.

Let’s stick to the facts then. At least you should be grateful for that. Anne is dead. Well, I am pretty sure it is Anne. Someone woman is very dead. Frank and I found a body. But once the skull takers get a hold of you, it is very hard to recognize who it is. No clothes and no journal on the body either.

It has to be Candice or Anne. Daisy was left untouched, and Candice was in more fit shape to run. I suppose it could be Candice’s body, and Anne is out there somewhere hiding. I went looking for her today just to be sure, but I didn’t find anyone. Just this journal.

Frank did not want to leave the Southwest Warehouse, even after we found one of the girls the way we did. He said maybe the skull takers would figure this place was clear now. He spent all day building up fortifications. Said having Daisy around helped. I just hope whichever girl is still alive comes back here.

Night 1

No noises or lights or anything tonight. Maybe Frank was right. I hate sleeping here, though. Especially alone. Maybe I should ask Frank to clean up the horrible mess tomorrow.

Day 2

Frank got mad about me asking to clean up Anne’s remains. He stormed out and has not come back yet. I hope I didn’t make him too mad. I tried cleaning her up myself, but my stomach just couldn’t handle it.

I was checking Daisy for anything that might give me a clue to who she really is. I guess I was more thorough than Anne had been, because I found this really cool moon cucked away under her clothes.

Oh man, that really makes me sound ~~~ Look, don’t read too much into it. I admit I’m lonely now, but really I’m not such a horrible guy that I would try to feel up a lady in a coma. Honest. Maybe I should just stop writing in this thing.

Night 2

Frank still did not come back tonight. Nothing happened tonight. No lights or anything, and I kept my hands to myself. And not in a bad way, either.

I wish Frank would back. I really don’t want to keep writing in this dumb thing but I got nothing else to do with all this spooky free time.

Day 3

Nothing happened again today. I went out looking for Frank or Anne or Candice. I did not find anyone. Maybe they all ran off and left me behind. Frank would probably ditch me for a threesome.

No, that’s not right. At least one of the girls is dead. I can see her from here. Maybe I should search her again for some clue as to who she~~~ No, can’t keep down food and I don’t have much to spare. Not going to mess with that.

Maybe I just need to sleep as much as I can today and things will look better tonight.

Night 3

Another quiet night. I actually did fall asleep in Anne’s old bedding area. She was the only one with pillows. Reread the journal again tonight and noticed no one else calls them skull takers. Not sure if the dark ones are a more appropriate name. I have never seen one. I just see what they do to people.

Day 4

I’m starting to wonder if I really am a horrible person or not. Apparently Daisy needed that IV bag stuff to stay alive. It never even occurred to me that she still needed food and water to stay alive. How lame to I have to be for a girl in a coma to leave me.

That’s horrible. She’s dead, and I’m worried about myself. At least she is in on a table with wheels, so getting her out won’t be much of a problem.

Oh God, I really am going to Hell aren’t I? Well it can’t be much worse than where I’m at now.

Night 4

I’ve got the song Silent Night stuck in my head. Weird, right? I think Christmas is still months away. It is hard to keep track of. I have no idea what date this John guy found this journal, and I have no other way to keep track of specific dates.

Day 5

Found a golf cart today. It’s battery powered, but apparently Southwest has an actual solar charging station. Seems like it takes forever to charge the thing, but the driving definitely beats the walking. I should be able to explore farther now.

This comes at a great time, since being bored and alone leaves me really needing something to do. Maybe I could find a video camera and record my own miniseries with mannequins or something.

Night 5

Another quiet night. Nothing really going on. I’m starting to feel very safe here. Sleeping is easier. But I hate being alone. Maybe I should have kept Daisy around. She wasn’t doing anything when she was alive anyway.

Day 6

I think the loneliness is getting to me. I feel pretty shaken up today for some reason. I wish I could clean up Anne’s mess. The smell is just getting worse.

You’ll never believe this. That dead girl was clutching some sort of gemstone in her hand. I think it was that star rock Anne wrote about Candice having. Now that really makes me wonder who the dead girl really is: Anne or Candice? So much for assumptions, huh?

Night 6

So much for feeling safe. Frank’s barricades got torn up something fierce. I was sleeping in one of the crates, so whatever came in last night must not have seen me. You’d think I’d be shaking all over or something, but I feel fine. Maybe the shock hasn’t hit me yet.

(Cache (size 6): the Moon, the Star, the chariot)


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