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Skull Takers Adventure pt. 3

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(OOC list: hatchet [6 of spades], backpack [World], Candice [Hanged man]. Health: wounded)

Day 6

I made myself some bandages for my knee. Candice left without me again today. I suppose that’s ok. It hurts a little when I walk, and I don’t think I would be able to run fast if I had to.

That’s a very scary thought. I do not want to think scary thoughts right now.

Candice came back with a glowing rock. It was not purple like the lights. It was more of a dark blue earie light that it gave off. She called it a star and has been cuddling it since she got back. If I die with the diary on me, then she will die with that star in her hands. That is how you will know us.

Unless the dark ones take it. I don’t think they take anything besides…well…but they might. Candice also has scars on her neck. Almost like rope burns. She was probably into things before the dark ones came. You can probably still find the scars on her body if you look.

Night 6

I do not feel well. Am I dying? I could see the purple lights tonight. Candice says that she could not see them. Why is she ignoring me? Why does she have to sleep in the other corner of the warehouse? I am going to die soon. She does not have to die with me. I just need someone to be with me.

Day 7

I slept most of the day. I feel better now, I think. Why was I so angry last night? Maybe because I was frightened, and Candice would not do anything for me. She only wanted to cuddle that star stone of hers. She took it with her when she went out last night.

The good news is that she found someone else. I do not know the new girl’s name. She is still sleeping. Candice brought her on a hospital bed. She seems very healthy, but I think she is in a coma. I am not sure why Candice would want to bring someone that is never going to wake up. Maybe she is nicer than I thought. I should try to give her another chance.

Night 7

The lights are so bright and purple. They make me feel things, things that I have never felt before. My leg is too hurt to stand up and run or I would go to them, I think. Such beautiful lights.

Candice was speaking to her star stone last night. Whispering, giggling, like they were friends. She made lots of jokes. I don’t think the jokes were very funny, but I hope they were jokes. I don’t think she is really keeping me and the other girl around just so the dark ones will have someone to take while she runs away.

I should ask Daisy when she wakes up. I hope she does not mind that name. I feel like it is a good name for someone that is pushing…well, I need to call her something besides coma girl, right? And if Candice can talk to her rock, then I can talk to Daisy. She’s better company than Candice anyway.

Day 8

Candice left again today, but two men found our place. They were actually very nice. The doctor, Justin, must be come kind of magician in his field. All he hand to do was massage my leg and the pain was gone. Frank, the construction worker, was rattling off ideas about fortifying the location. Unfortunately the “Exempt Human Specimen” boxes are no good for that sort of thing.

Candice was shocked when she came back and found four of us. She did not find anything on her trip out. Or at least, that is what she is saying. I’m not entirely sure that she is not hiding something. But there are five of us now, so she is no longer the boss.

I can’t believe I actually have people to talk with now. I feel a little bit more like myself again.

Night 8

The lights were back last night. Those purple flashing beautiful understanding…wait, why did I write understanding? I think I might be mixing up my emotions.

It turns out my leg is not as healthy as I had thought. I am not sure why I felt so much better when Justin helped me, but tonight it is back to hurting. Maybe he could massage me again tomorrow so I can help with fortifying the place.

Day 9

Things are finally looking up! Justin and Frank went out together to get pipes and things to make better defenses for the warehouse. Daisy used up another IV bag, but I found a new one to switch out with her. I think she is getting more color in her cheeks.

Candice was only gone for a short time. She was all dressed up in nice clothing when she came back. She said she wanted to talk to me alone tonight. Maybe having others here has really helped her to appreciate me.

I suddenly want to be very close to Candice. Or maybe I always did and just never realized it. We have only known each other a few days, but she was the one that first saved me from being alone. Well, the first one that was not a dead man with a journal, I suppose.

Well, when I say close I don’t mean like some teenage boy’s fantasy of two girls being close after the end of the world. I just mean that I don’t want to be alone, and I want to know that I matter to everyone that is still left.

Candice says she needs me. I will right about our talk tonight. Promise.

(Death Card Drawn, and Candice died searching. Cache (size 6): 4 of clubs, 5 of clubs, the Star, the Magician, the Hermit, the Empress)


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