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Skull Takers Adventure pt. 6

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Day 1

My name is Candice Morcraven. It feels odd for me to continue this journal, considering that I have literally killed all 3 of the previous authors. But their entries are so void of valid content that I feel I need to do this book justice.

Besides, if the curse finally takes me and I am unable to revert back to my human form then I will need someone to pick up where I left off and continue my mission to destroy all of the Others. Yes, even myself.

After my last ritualistic killing I have found myself to be in good mental health. Justin’s head contained a great deal of humanity, though much of it was based on his own imagination. How he survived so long is a bit of a mystery to me. Perhaps the Others did not see his skull as worth taking.

I feel like the last piece I need to achieve my goals is nearby, but I have been unable to find it. I will continue my search tomorrow. It is getting dark now, and I do not trust myself out at night.

Night 1

I saw the lights and could feel them calling to me. The urges are still as strong as when I last gave in, but I am able to resist tonight. I fear I do not have as much time as I need. Even if I take another person, it will not buy me as much time as it would take to prepare the sacrifice.

This water stain on the page is my tear. I do not know why I am crying. Perhaps Justin’s life is still too potent.

Day 2

Reading these journal entries has given me strength, like a mental barricade. Perhaps it is not logic and will that allows me to resist the lights. Perhaps it is actually the humanity?

It is baffling to me that it should be so. When I picked this journal up yesterday, I was appalled by the lack of scientific inquiry on the pages. How is any of this information useful to someone that finds it and wishes to continue the story? There is no information about where food can be found or how the Others can be killed.

But for some reason I find myself appreciating what they did write. Someone it makes them seem more real to me, and a part of me takes comfort in that.

Night 2

No lights tonight. That has happened sometimes. I will not weaken my resolve with hope. This only means that I know I have at least one more day to find the last part of the ritual. Then I can banish the Others back to the realm we summoned them from.

Day 3

I have researched this warehouse in case I missed something before, but I have found nothing useful to completing the ritual. I have tried speaking to the star, but it continues to remain silent to me. So I have decided to instead contribute a piece of knowledge to this journal for the benefit of future readers.

The Others, what you may call dark ones or skull takers or pretty ponies, are from another dimension. They were summoned here with a powerful ritual, but while it was supposed to contain and enslave them it instead invited them to possess the bodies of those that called them here.

If you see someone that looks human, do not trust your eyes. There may be an Other inside of them, ready to devour you once you let your guard down.

Night 3

Again no lights. I wonder if this journal is preserving more than just my thoughts. Not that I believe in foolish things like magic, of course. Instead I find it likely that the ritualistic meditation and repetition of my own thoughts keeps my mind so focused on the task at hand. I shall be sure not to let this journal stray far from me.

Day 4

I searched the nearby hotels today. Many of us stayed there when we were preparing for what happened. So far I have found nothing, but I think that another day of searching is still in order. This golf cart is surprisingly useful for getting around outside. And quiet.

Night 4

I saw the lights again tonight. They pulled at my chest, making my heart throb painfully. Whatever strength I once had is gone, but I am still well and remain in control of myself. Perhaps I spent too much time today searching instead of writing in this journal. I appear to be gambling with my sanity for the fate of the world.

I never gambled before the ritual. Someone did buy me a scratch ticket once. I won $400 dollars and bought a TV. I still feel foolish about that.

Day 5

Still no luck searching at the hotels. I will try the actual airport terminals tomorrow. Perhaps someone else retained their sanity, as I did, long enough to try and escape the madness. If they made it on a plane, then all hope will be lost. I do not have any way of finding every crash site of every aircraft from that day.

Despite such grim thoughts I am trying to be optimistic about my chances. Considering how much trouble my Other has given me, I find it unlikely that whomever possessed the sun was able to resist long enough to escape, and the sun would not have been kept by a fully empowered other.

Night 5

One of the Others came for me. I think it was trying to force me to change. Or perhaps it was trying to take me like it would a normal human and did not realize what I really was. I have eaten it, but now I feel sick. I truly hope that I have not made a terrible mistake and given my own Other more power.

Despite my better judgement, I must rest.

Day 6

The Other was not devoured like I had thought. Instead it seems…docile. Patient. Attentive, even. I am no longer certain what I did to the Other, but it appears to understand me and follow me. Does it now perceive me as one of its own? How ironic.

I realize the danger is immense, but I must pursue this further. If I could learn to communicate with the Others, then perhaps I would not have to turn them away.

Night 6

I have very little time, and I must accept this gamble. This Other is putting images in my mind. Images of a Tower, a place I must go to with it. I will go and try to communicate with the Others. I am the only one that can.

But in case I am wrong, in case I am only going to become another great evil that will turn on this world, please read my final thoughts and know the truth. I never wanted to kill anyone. I was not in control when I killed my first victim, but it gave me my humanity back. I killed the others intentionally, yes, but it was a calculated risk.

I was trying to save the world, Anne! I’m sorry you were not getting enough attention from me, but you were useless to my cause in life!

I should not be writing such angry words. I have no time. Please, if you are reading this journal and the world has not returned to normal then look in the crates nearby. I have hidden the star and the moon nearby. You need only to find the sun and join them together to banish the Others from this plane.

But if everything in your world actually IS normal, then rest easy tonight. All has been undone, and to you it is just a work of fiction.

(Cache (size 6): the Moon, the Star, the Chariot, Lovers, Tower, Devil)


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