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Questions and Failed Answers

Here at Burn Everything Gaming, we try to give real honest answers. Sometimes they are right, and sometimes they are opinions. We think questions deserve good answers because people asking questions generally want good answers.

Ever ask someone that’s expecting a new kid if they are hoping for a boy or a girl, and they just answer with a YES or something about a healthy baby? These are not answers that address the question at hand, and thus are not really all that helpful. I’m not saying that complicated answers or a monk’s riddles are useless, but for most of us we like answers that feel like they will really help us with whatever we asked about.

So today we’re going to take a look at 2 common RPG questions that are very often given failed answers. Then we’d like to try and give some real answers. If you already know the answers, or have better wisdom than what we offer here, please share your knowledge with the RPG world. People need to know!

1) How Do I Play a Character of the Opposite Gender?

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Marvelous Monstrous Aspect Myths

Recently we conducted a survey asking players what part of Fate they found most confusing or difficult to understand.

Fate Survey

Below is our attempt to answer some of the questions in comments received in this survey.

Where to begin

Today we are going to try to tackle one of the more unique mechanical features of Fate Core, and often the most confusing for new and experience players alike: Aspects. In Fate Core, everything has aspects: characters, scenes, locations, and even the campaign itself. They are a wonderful tool, though complicated and often difficult to explain in words.

But not only can aspects be difficult to explain, they can be downright monstrous to deal with. Trying to come up with the perfect wording. Trying to remember how long each type is supposed to last. Keeping track of a growing number of them. It can be really frightening for GMs and players alike.

But like any monster we face in game, this challenge can be overcome with the right skills. Rather than write a book of our own to explain everything about how aspects can be used, I’d like to address a few myths and assumptions about aspects that really seem to be causing a lot of the confusion. Hopefully these will help make your gaming experiences easier.

What Is an Aspect

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