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Skull Takers Adventure pt. 3

(OOC list: hatchet [6 of spades], backpack [World], Candice [Hanged man]. Health: wounded)

Day 6

I made myself some bandages for my knee. Candice left without me again today. I suppose that’s ok. It hurts a little when I walk, and I don’t think I would be able to run fast if I had to.

That’s a very scary thought. I do not want to think scary thoughts right now.

Candice came back with a glowing rock. It was not purple like the lights. It was more of a dark blue earie light that it gave off. She called it a star and has been cuddling it since she got back. If I die with the diary on me, then she will die with that star in her hands. That is how you will know us.

Unless the dark ones take it. I don’t think they take anything besides…well…but they might. Candice also has scars on her neck. Almost like rope burns. She was probably into things before the dark ones came. You can probably still find the scars on her body if you look.

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Predicting Unpredictable Players

Today’s article is geared more towards GMs, but I hope dedicated players will be able to pull some things about it. After all, this is about you from the GM’s perspective.

Players are unpredictable.

If your world is at all rocked by that statement, then bless your heart. The rest of us probably learned this the first time we ran a game. Maybe at first we thought it was our fault; that he hadn’t prepared enough for the adventure. Eventually, if a GM sticks with it, then she will come to the inevitable conclusion that no matter how much she prepares, she will never be able to predict her players’ actions.

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The Impossible Juggling Act

I once ran a FATE game where I decided to take inspiration from a YouTube series that made fun of roleplaying games. I put a lady of the lake in the game that was going to give the heroes a chance to prove they were the chosen ones and take an amazing weapon to be used for their own. Of course the catch was that this lady just wanted to mess with adventurers and gave them random bits of junk that she promised was the magic sword she was to grant the chosen ones.

Then the guy in the group that is usually very quiet and constantly giving up treasure to other members of the group that want it more spent every fate point he had to be accepted for the task. Apparently he is a HUGE fan of Arthurian lore, and he so badly wanted to be the one to wield my game’s equivalent of Excalibur.

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Custom Mystery Setting

So today I thought I’d try something different. I’ve been working on a mystery one-shot (which can be found here) set in the early 60’s where the player characters have to solve the murder of a Private Investigator that was employing them. And since I think best by typing out my thoughts, I figured I might as well post about it.

Why Make A New System For A One-Shot Game?

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